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In line with our objective of building local capacity in deep water oil and gas technology, ECEOG brings together individuals and organizations with common interest in subsea and under water technology maritime and offshore engineers, scientists, other professionals and students with interest in these areas.

We facilitate the exchange of knowledge and information in the area of subsea and offshore oil & gas technology.


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    and Operations

  • Subsea System Integrity and Reliability
  • Subsea Inspection and Maintenance
  • Under Water Science
  • Drilling
  • Under Water Vehicle


Why You Should Use Our Consultancy Services

  • We use lecturers with years of experience in the industry providing you with expert knowledge, Best practice and Real life experience to help you progress in your career development.
  • We use the latest real life case studies.
  • We have an in-depth course material that allows you to continue your learning and career development after the course has finished
  • Limited number of delegates attending. This ensures that you get the maximum amount of one to one time with the course lecturer to discuss issues that directly affect you and your company allowing you to tackle these specific issues on your return to the work place


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